• Labradoodle puppies

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F1 labradoodles for sale. I have 11 puppies total, I have five females and six males. Every puppy looks a little different with special markings. I have 5 chocolates total( 4 Girls and 1 male) and 6 black total (2 black girls and 4 black males) all absolutely adorable!
My female (Kahlua) is a purebred chocolate lab, and the male (Monty)is a purebred standard parti poodle. They both have a fabulous personalities! They both are happy, loving , playful, love kids, other dogs and love to be around people. They are very calm and easy going, both are very relaxed and docile (not submissive), they are not barking dogs. The body type is what I like to refer to as a 'versatile' sized labradoodle (60-75lbs). They are small enough to be very easy to cuddle with, take in the car, pick up and carry if needed and have with you while you're out and about without the worry of controlling a very big dog. At the same time both of them are also 'big' enough to not have to worry that they will become 'overwhelmed' or get injured easily while doing active with things like: hiking, biking, swimming, running, playing, wrestling, you name it.Monty is also DNA tested for the following coat color and texture combos:
B Locus (brown color carrier)
A Locus (tan points/tri color carrier)
K Locus (black color carrier)
Monty's Sire is a Red and White Parti Factor and Monty's Dam is a Red and White Parti.
Monty was born April 26th, 2016. He stands 21" tall at the shoulder, and is 42lbs. Monty is health tested including:
PENNHip (mild risk-good results)
OFA Hips (Good)
OFA Elbows (Negative for dysplasia)
OFA Eyes (Normal)
vWD (negative)
NEwS (negative)
OFA Cardiac (normal)
OFA Dentition (normal)
OFA Patella (normal)
Kahlua was born on August 24th 2017.she weighs about 65lbs Her sire and her dam are both black (previous litter she was born in was Black and Brown)
Puppy passport - shows the date the puppy was born, weights, proof of first shots, dew claw removal date, etc.
Care package pamphlets
Purebred papers for Mother, including history of parentage
Purebred papers for Father, including history of parentage
If you have any further questions please feel free to ask. 2082845736
(208) 284 - 5736