• Female f1 Goldendoodle Puppy

  • $1,000
This litter of puppies is pure because the dame is a purebred and AKC registered Standard Poodle and the sire was a purebred and registered Golden Retriever therefore making these puppy a first generation golden doodle. The dame is an amazing dog with great temperament, loyalty and follows commands and her liter will be the same.

They were born on August 22nd and are ready to go to a new home.
They have been dewormed and had all their shots and vet visits.

There is 1 puppy available, 1 female..

We are asking for $1000 per puppy.

These dogs are amazing family dogs as well as therapy dogs due to their traits of being very easy to train, great temperament, and gentleness. They are considered one of the top breeds out there due to their hypoallergenic characteristics.

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