• Decker Rat Terrior Puppies

  • $600
Decker Rat Terrier Puppies
These lil guys are going to make superb varmint dogs! Both parents are very tough and gritty, but very loving and loyal to their people! They love to hunt. They have killed many rats, mice, rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs and will even attempt a coyote if given the chance!

The dam to these puppies is from a breeder in Pennsylvania. She is from the Oswayo Decker lines. She is registered with UKC and AKC. And weighs 38 pounds.

The sire is out of Oregon, from Pitts Rat Terriers. He is not registered, but comes from registered parents. He weighs 35 pounds.

Both parents are hunting fools. They are great all around dogs!

4 males available
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