• Retired AKC Icy White Labrador Retriever 3 Year Old Female

  • $650
Mellow Yellow Labradors is now offering for sale to an approved home only with a home inspection required before placement, our GORGEOUS icy white white female Isis who weighs 108 lbs, for which regretfully Isis is now retired from our breeding program after two beautiful litters of puppies. Isis is a stunning blocky headed HUGE English AKC Labrador Retriever female who will turn 4 years old on October 10th, 2017. Isis is now tentatively available for sale for $650 (including her spay which is $150, as well as her AKC registration and pedigree) to the "right" retirement home. We are looking for that perfect family home environment, where Isis can be well cared for as an integrated part of a family, preferably in a home with one other bigger dog as a companion and playmate. Isis had a freak accident at age 7 months which her elbow was broken while her legs were caught in some box hedges when her big bruiser brother Kokomo bulldozed her over, for which Isis has a permanent limp which was corrected surgically with a bolt, so we are looking for just that "right" new retirement home where Isis will be very well loved and cared for physically due to her elbow injury, for which Isis' elbow injury does not slow her down much and she is totally very playful still and manages to get around very well despite the accident. Isis is house trained and crate trained, walks well on a leash, Isis is super laid back and definitely a mellow English Lab, with a very soft mouth, who loves to retrieve and she absolutely loves water, but due to her special needs Isis needs moderately low exercise and/or a low key environment due to her repaired elbow. Isis is also very social and craves love and attention for which she is already very used to being part of the family, and Isis is also very used to having other big dogs for friendship and constant company and she hates being left alone (although you can totally leave her alone in the crate and she never barks unless she needs to go to the bathroom) so leaving Isis outside alone in a kennel all day long is NOT AN OPTION for Isis, because she will bark if she thinks you have forgotten about her, or if she is alone, or if she is confined to a kennel. However if she has a dog friend and free roam of the backyard, Isis is perfectly fine outside without much barking, if ever. Also, Isis refuses to use any type of dog house so Isis' new owners must be willing to make Isis an indoor/outdoor dog without being kenneled or confined but being crated indoors is totally ok, so long as her new owners must be fine with letting her be loose with free roam in the backyard, and also making sure she gets lots of human attention, as well as one dog friends attention. Isis is super friendly, kid bomb proof, and Isis just LOVES loads of ANY KIND OF attention, for which is is already used to and accustomed to here because Isis is totally a "FAMILY PET" so she is not just an average ordinary retired or typical breeding dog! We are very regretfully tentatively offering Isis for sale as she is very much our treasured family pet, so IF you think you have the "right home" to offer Isis for her retirement, and you believe you can pass a home check which a pre sale home check is REQUIRED before Isis will be approved for her new home, then please CALL ME, NO EMAILS OR TEXTS PLEASE, on my home phone #208-739-9482
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