• RARE American Bully Pits, fancy rare colors 8 weeks old Ready Now!

  • $300
Fancy rare colors 8 week old purebred rare American Bully Pit puppies, 8 weeks old, ready now, located in Ontario Oregon about 1 hour from Boise. These gorgeous American Bully Pit puppies are a purebred rare designer breed called American Bully Pits...NOT to be confused with American Pit Bulls...American Bully Pits are the American Bully bred to an American Pit which the American Bully is a fairly new designer GIANT breed.

The American Bully was developed in the mid-1990s to be an ideal family dog. The American Bully was created by crossing the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, English Bulldog and Mastiff. Dad is a gorgeous BIG THICK purebred blue fawn tri purebred American Bully from Razor Edge bloodlines, mom is a purebred American Pit red nose.

First and second picture are of dad who is a MASSIVE tri colored American Bully who is a purebred gorgeous MONSTER size American Bully from Razor Edge bloodlines and is ABKC (American Bully Kennel Club) registered. Third picture is a blue fawn tri male, who is an American Bully Pit son out of the same American Bully dad bred to another American Pit mom so is an example of what these puppies should look like when older but this son is not fully grown yet, fourth picture is of mom who is a purebred American Pit Bull, red nose. The rest of the pictures are of the six puppies that are available for sale.

All the puppies came out gorgeous in fancy rare colors including one RARE charcoal male (dark gunmetal blue with smoke blue eyes), one chocolate male with green eyes, one smaller light blue male with bald white face with true light blue eyes, one tiny red female runt with blue green eyes, one light silver fawn male with blue eyes, and one RARE blue masked light silver fawn tri male with blue eyes...So there are a lot of fancy colors of American Bully Pits in this litter to choose from all with fancy flashy white markings, all with white blazes and white socks all with with either blue, blue/green, or green eyes and marble noses.

Six puppies are for sale, five are males and one is female. Prices are $300 for all of the males, and $250 for the tiny runt female. American Bully's are a very rare breed plus all of the puppies carry fancy dilute colors and light colored blue or green eyes so they will be perfect future breeding prospects. PLUS the tiny runt female is a red (non-dilute breeding females that carry dilute colors are highly desirable plus she will be perfect for breeding micro or pocket Bully's).

American Bully's especially in these rare fancy colors typically sell for $2000 - $5000 a piece, so these puppies are priced without papers. All the puppies can be triple registered with either CKC, UKC, or American Bully Kennel Club, but these prices are for without papers. So if you want to triple single register the puppies they can be single registered with three different registries including CKC, UKC, ABKC. Single registrations will only be available to buyers for an additional registration fee.

Puppies have had their wormings completed, and their first high tieter parvo shot called Neopar which gives them 5 times the regular parvo protection than any other parvo shot on the market and have had their Neopar shot already so they are ready for their new homes NOW at 8 weeks old!!

Mom is an awesome loyal devoted family dog, excellent with our small children, and mom is on site however she does not like strangers. Dad is NOT on site but lives in Ontario, Oregon so some arrangements can be made for you to see the dad in person if arrangements are made to see him in advance. Dad is ABKC registered tri-pit Razor Edge Kennel Bully and is a GORGEOUS purebred American Bully and IS VERY IMPRESSIVE and has a MASSIVE HEAD so he's a MONSTER and dad is simply stunning ESPECIALLY IN person!!

Would love to hear from you, these are some super nice well bred purebred RARE American Bully Pit puppies for sale, ready now, so please feel free to contact by phone only, no emails but text is OK.

Please contact Josh at #541-801-8476, anytime.
(541) 823 - 7681

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