• Havashire puppies

  • $800
Havashire puppies ready now....

small , healthy
Sturdy enough for children to play with
Doesn't need much outdoor exercise
Is playful and entertaining
Makes a good watchdog, but is not "yappy" and not aggressive
Has a long coat that can be clipped short so he looks like a cute puppy
Doesn't shed (great breed for allergy sufferers)
Is good with other pets
A Havashire may be right for you..

Disposition: Havashire dogs make a great family dog, a toy dog, sturdy and not too fragile.

Height: Between 6 to 8 inches tall at the withers

Weight: Havashire weigh between 4 and 7 pounds. These dogs are rectangular in outline rather than square.

They have hair, not fur, are non-shedding with little pet dander, and are odorless.

These beautiful little sweeties are ready now and are 8 weeks old.

I can say this breed is by far the best and sweetest family dog I have ever had. Kind, loyal, sweet, Non shedding, full of personality, and not Yappy, which is a plus:)
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