• F2B Goldendoodles (Credit Cards Accepted)

  • $1,200
Puppies will be ready Memorial Day weekend! Only boys available. (Blue, Green, Red and Brown) $400 holds your pup. Credit Cards accepted. Delivery available up to 3 hours from our location.

Our puppies are F2B meaning they are technically a 3rd generation Goldendoodles with 2/3rds or 66% Poodle and 1/3rd or 33% Golden Retriever. This generation provides a much more predictable and established breed. With more Poodle, the pups will carry the valuable Poodle hypoallergenic coat, be very smart and easy to train, but will still have strong characteristic of the beautiful Golden Retriever with a fantastic family dog that are lovers and comforters. Puppies are expected to be around 70 pounds with mom at 68 and dad at 73.

*These dogs are INSIDE pets!

For more information please visit our FB page at: https://www.facebook.com/ThistleAcreFarm/

Delivery Available up to 3 hours from our location.

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