• AKC English Labrador Retrievers heavyweights, litter due June 21st, 2018!

  • $1,200
Mellow Yellow/Simply Silver Labradors is proud to announce we have an upcoming confirmed breeding between 2 year old AKC Mellow Yellow's Lilly Monster, an icy white white traditional black nose sporty type English AKC Labrador Retriever female who weighs 75 lbs, to our pride and joy 5 year old AKC Simply Silver's MY O-Payette Knight, our massive HUGE BLOCKY HEAD 96 lbs black silver factor English Labrador Retriever male. We are expecting black and white or crème puppies with black noses out of this mating with a 50% possibility of chocolates or whites or crème's with chocolate noses (Dudley). Some of these puppies will also carry the silver dilute gene as Opie the sire carries silver, Lilly does not carry silver and Opie because he is a black silver factor also carries the light eye color so he has striking glowing light amber eyes and so will some of the puppies that also carry the silver factor gene.

We are now taking names with no obligation or deposit required for our waiting list for this gorgeous AKC English Labrador litter out of Lilly and Opie due approximately June 21st, 2018, and we keep our waiting list in strict order of who contacts us first, and once the puppies are born a $300 deposit is required to hold your pick puppy, and puppies from Lilly/Opie should be ready for their new homes at 7 1/2 weeks approximately August 11th, 2018. Prices for pet puppies out of Lilly/Opie on AKC limited registration (without breeding rights) are for males and females $1200 for black or dudley, $1500 for whites or crème's with black noses, and $1500 for chocolates if any.

AKC full registration WITH breeding and/or show rights IS AVAILABLE to approved breeding and/or show homes for an additional $1000, AND SHALL BE DETERMINED ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS to approved breeding/show homes only.

Both Lilly and Opie are amazing pets and these puppies out of Lilly and Opie will be our 5th generation here at Mellow Yellow/Simply Silver Labradors and both parents are gorgeous true English Labradors with that super easy going laid back style with tons of low geared English Labrador Retriever drive that is so mellow and easy to train, loyal, devoted, kid bomb proof, they are both very athletic for being so thick boned with heavyweight builds, both are super relaxed and laid back with that super chillax easy going bubbly style, so having a super happy and fun laid back English type Labrador means you have that wonderful fun sporting dog outdoors that loves to retrieve and hit hard water, while you also get to relax with your super easy mellow relaxed inside dog too so once the play day is over you really get to enjoy the companionship of a true mellow English Labrador which is so much different or unlike the American Labrador counterpart that will dig, destroy, and eat the arms off your couch after playing all day long!

So this litter amazing AKC English Labrador litter should contain all blocky beautiful well bred AKC English Labrador Retriever mellow puppies that will all be big thick boned and meaty giant round paws and puppies from this litter should mature in the 80-100 lbs heavyweights range when full grown, and all will be stunning head turners for sure, and all should be very well suited with natural prey drive and true natural retrieving instincts for hunting or sporting, so finding a true English Lab that will hunt is a rare find indeed which is what makes our Mellow Yellow/Simply Silver Labrador puppies the best AKC English Labs which are truly a dream to own, love, and have!!

Both Lilly and Opie have gorgeous blocky heads, with super soft sweetheart gorgeous teddy bear faces, and nice tight toes and very thick bones, broad shoulders, nice length of back in comparison to height, perfect angulation in the rear of both parents with plenty of bend at the knee, and nice thicker shorter otter tails, and ALL are absolutely natural born retrievers who all LOVE WATER or they wouldn't be real labs...

The mother Lilly is an amazing white as they get white lab with a beautiful soft face with that sweet teddy bear look and Lilly has an amazing temperament, so easy to train, and has a mouth so soft she can fetch a snowball and bring it back intact. Lilly has an amazing pedigree with over 29 champions mostly conformation champions Lilly has a full sister who is an AKC obedience champion who earned her CGC title at only 7 months of age!

The father Opie is an adorable, gorgeous heavyweight, has a blocky stunning headpiece, black silver factor male, who has glowing light amber colored eyes who is a natural hunter of waterfowl and does excellent on duck and goose and all of our dogs that we breed in our bloodlines have been pre screened for multiple generations to rule out that there is no inherited hip and elbow dysplasia in our bloodlines, and we also DNA test to clear our bloodlines of progressive retinal atrophy PRA (blindness) and exercise induced collapse EIC.

We are now taking names for our Lilly/Opie litter due June 21st, 2018, and each puppy comes with their AKC registration, first two sets of shots including the Neopar parvo shot which is the highest immunity available for parvo shots on the market and a second five way shot for good immunity protection, their wormings will be complete, and a vet certified exam prior to placement.

We are now taking names with no obligation or deposit required for our wait list until puppies are born due June 21st, 2018, when we know for sure what sex and colors we have for you to choose from, and once the puppies are born a $300 deposit is required to hold your desired sex and color preference.

This pedigree has tons of champions and is also related to the famous Ridgeview Bugs Bunny seen in the last head shot photo of this advertisement, and second to last photo is a picture of Isis, Lilly's impressive massive 108 lbs mom.

We guarantee that our AKC English Labrador puppies are true English type Labrador Retrievers which is very hard to find true purebred English type AKC Labrador Retrievers that are not part American bred Labradors and our AKC English Labrador puppies from this upcoming litter due 6/21/2018 are definitely purebred Labrador puppies that are worth waiting for, and are quality well bred AKC English Lab puppies from a very knowledgeable, reputable, professional breeder plus we are well known with an excellent reputation for our TRUE English Labs that can hunt!!

Please check out my website at www.silverlabs.iwarp.com for tons of photos of our AKC English Labradors in all colors where you will find all of our past dogs that are in this pedigree, as well as TONS of previous puppy photos where you will see all our dogs are quality gorgeous well bred dogs and more information about us and our breeding program, where we have been professionally breeding purebred AKC dogs since 1994 with many many wonderful references gladly furnished upon request.

Please call our HOME PHONE ONLY #208-739-9482, no emails or texts please!!Home phone calls only PLEASE, and also we do not sell ANY our puppies to commercial breeders, brokers, or puppy mills, and I will only respond to home phone calls only due to internet scammers!!
(208) 739 - 9482

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