• Prints by Akiane (Child Prodogy)

  • $3,200
Akiana prints "Father Forgive Them", and "Angelic Love". These are signed, certified, and numbered prints that come with a certificate of authenticity and have been sold out by the company. "Father Forgive Them", the print of Jesus is # 35 of 500 and was painted by Akiane when she was 9 years old. It measures 48"x60". "Angelic Love", the angel is # 12 of 50 and she was 11 years old when she painted it. It measures 60"x48". They are collector prints. The cost of these prints are $3,100 ea. without the Signed, Certification, and Numbering and have been sold recently for over $4,000 ea. These Certified/Numbered Prints could be going for much more. I am Asking $3,200 each. Text Marc at 208-890-6738 to set up a time to view.
(208) 890 - 6738

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